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CRM/AMRM Training

Helicopter accidents happen — but they don't have to.

Oregon Aero’s CRM/AMRM Training Program offers comprehensive training that can help improve safety, reduce the accident rate and save lives. Contact us today for more information and course bookings.

Oregon Aero’s CRM/AMRM Courses

Under Chief CRM/AMRM Instructor Randy Mains, we offer two training courses, initial and yearly recurrent, which satisfy all FAA, EU-OPS, JAR ICAO, Canadian and CAMTS requirements. Both are single-day, eight-hour seminars held at your site.

  • Initial Facilitated One Day — An intensive seminar covering everything from human error and reliability to company safety culture, team building, decision-making and communication.
  • Recurrent Facilitated One Day — Designed to keep teams current, the eight modules of this course focus on such areas as stress, information acquisition and processing, communication and leadership.
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Who benefits?

CRM/AMRM training benefits all flight team members in your program, in addition to anyone who can have an influence on the successful outcome of a flight, including:

  • Chief pilots and Line pilots

  • Chief flight nurses

  • Executive administrators

  • Directors of operations

  • Medical directors

  • Safety officers

  • Maintenance staff

  • Program managers

  • Communications specialists

  • Operations managers

  • Pilots, flight nurses, paramedics and physicians

  • Field services, local agencies

The Oregon Aero Difference

Unlike online courses, Oregon Aero’s CRM/AMRM Training Program offers:

  • Comprehensive, in-person training at your site
  • Certified CRM/AMRM instructor, assessor and facilitator Randy Mains
  • Courses meet all FAA, EU-OPS, JAR ICAO, Canadian and CAMTS requirements

Upon completion of the course, each attendee receives:

  • A certificate of completion
  • Oregon Aero/Survivors Network Challenge Coin and calendar
  • Signed copy of Randy Mains’ book, Journey to the Golden Hour
  • Discount coupons for Oregon Aero products


Oregon Aero’s Chief CRM/AMRM Instructor

A distinguished and decorated combat pilot — he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, 27 Air Medals and the Bronze Star Medal for his service during the Vietnam War serving with the 101st Airborne Division — Randy Mains served as a simulator instructor and flight examiner and is curently a certified CRM/AMRM instructor, assessor and facilitator. With more than 13,000 flight hours, he has also been a senior instructor for Bell Helicopter.

For decades, he has been a pioneer in HEMS, setting up a country-wide HEMS system in the Sultanate of Oman, flying as a HEMS pilot for the king of Saudi Arabia and helping the country set up a HEMS program. Mains is the author of three books, two that deal with HEMS in America, and he writes a monthly column for Rotorcraft Pro Magazine. Find out more at

Photo Courtesy Kaye Mains


Improved safety — today!

For course bookings and more information about Oregon Aero’s CRM/AMRM Training Program, contact Adam Carroll by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 800-888-6910.

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